I'm Bucky Grant, and I want to imagine a better world with the queerest and coolest people, and then make it with them.

I use he/hir/hirs and they/them/theirs pronouns, and I'm in my mid twenties. I identify as butch and transgender.

Commissions Queue

You can find more about what I do at the links below:

what does that mean?


There are a few definitions of the word as it stands in our current culture, but I specifically use the word butch as part of my gender identity. I consider myself to be nonbinary, and to be aligned with a kind of "masculine womanhood" that cishet women do not experience. I do identify as a lesbian as well, encompassing my love for and attraction to women and nonbinary people.
My identity has been heavily influenced by embracing my sapphic identity and reading works by other butches, most notably Leslie Feinberg. Hir novel Stone Butch Blues is a difficult but necessary read for transgender people, in my humble opinion.


I do not identify with the gender I was assigned at birth. That's really all it takes to be transgender in my opinion. Find further information here.
I've also been taking testosterone since 2016. I consider my hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to be part of my mental health treatment, specifically for gender dysphoria. That being said, HRT or any form of medical transition are not required to identify as transgender.


I really like writing gay and fluffy stuff! I'm particularly interested in transgender identity, found family, and good endings.

Most of my writing is Homestuck fanfiction, but you can find some other fandoms sprinkled in. Find descriptions of individual pieces sorted by completed works and works in progress.

Read all my fanfiction at my Archive of our Own works page. Writing commission rates are on my commissions page. Writing commissions are for the act of writing only. I do not own any of the characters in my fanworks.

This list is up-to-date with my fics from 2020 onwards.

completed writing

These ones are finished!

troll chrii2tiian miinecraft 2erver - Originally for a canceled pale romance zine, this is a short piece about Sollux comforting Karkat after a rough breakup.
1,768 words; rated T for language. | Read the fic on AO3

"Stop doomin, asshole." - A vignette about transition and beginnings featuring Jane James and Roxy. Part one of the T4T cotton candy drabbles series.
1,575 words; rated T for language. | Read the fic on AO3

this is a universal queer experience, right? - James and Roxy both need haircuts! What ever shall they do? Part two of the T4T cotton candy drabbles.
1,611 words; rated M for sexual themes. | Read the fic on AO3

Carry On My Wayward Boys - A group effort during a call shortly after The November 7th Supernatural Episode aired to bring forth one of the worst writing crimes we hath ever wrought. Half the authors refused to be credited. This is: the McElroys respond to Destiel being canon.
661 words; rated M for language and suggestive themes. | Read the fic on AO3

Invisi6le T9uch 6y Genesis - I can't sum it up better than the AO3 description: "Meenah asks Kankri out on a dare. What happens next will SHOCK YOU!!!!!"
3,069 words; rated M for language and suggestive themes. | Read the fic on AO3

finished zine pieces

These pieces were specifically produced for zines in the Homestuck fandom.

A Beautiful Date In The Candlenight Next To These Weird Chess Monsters - This piece was for the Lalonde Zine, which showcased writing and art about Roxy and Rose. My piece focused on Rose Lalonde, and one day in the life of her post-retJohn meteor trip.
10,232 words; rated T for language. | Read the fic on AO3

please let michael b jordan be shirtless - Long live Davekat!! The Crabapple Zine was all about the knights of Earth and Alternia. My piece was set during one ill-conceived movie night while the meteor crew sailed through the Furthest Ring.
3,965 words; rated T for language. | Read the fic on AO3

Insert Breaking Benjamin Reference - This zine was all about my favorite girl :B the Gutsy Gumzine showcased all sorts of Jane Crockers. My piece is one week out of Jane's diary on an alternate Earth C.
4,717 words; rated T for language and discussion of mental health. | Read the fic on AO3

writing in progress

These are currently in progress. Updates happen when i feel like it.
You can tip me on ko-fi if any of these stories strike your fancy and you want more, sooner. This money is to compensate me for my time spent writing and does not indicate ownership of any characters I write with.

Never A Frown - This is a fic where i try to tackle what i've been calling "the gaping hole in Homestuck where Jane's mother issues should be." Jane is about to graduate high school, and she and her best friend Roxy are dissecting the most recent release of their current YA fantasy romance fixation. Unfortunately, Jane is about to be snowed in with her unpleasant Grandmother Betty.
12,287 words; 4/? chapters; rated T for language. | Read the fic on AO3

Your Heart For Mine, Dripping Inky Black - I got an itch one morning for more pitch BakuDeku fics and planned this one out. Here's one chapter with two Twilight references in it. Eventually i'll reveal why i did that.
1,610 words; 1/3 chapters; rated T for language. | Read the fic on AO3

abandoned fics

I'm probably not coming back to these ones, sorry!

it's really quite pleasant except for the smell - I wrote this in a feverish haze after finishing the Netflix Witcher series, and here we are. There's an unfinished second chapter in my drafts I may or may not post if I rewatch the series and get the motivation to polish it off.
2,241 words; 1/2 chapters; rated M for sexual themes and language. | Read the fic on AO3


A gallery of my art! This page will be updated periodically.

Check out my commissions page to get some of my art for yourself!

colors and characters

concepts and ideas

visual novel sprites

icons and emotes


Here are games I'm writing for or contributing to in some way!

New Game Plus - Millennia after SBURB ends, the gods finally return to Earth C. The civilization they find is unlike any they've ever seen. How will the new residents help their old gods adjust?
This is pretty much my biggest project right now, aside from the podcast. I'm the director, a contributing writer for (at least) three routes, a programmer, and other odd jobs on the game.
Find out more on the website.
Projected release date: October 2021.

Friendsim 2 - It's been a while since MSPAR was on Alternia. Maybe too long. Can you save your friends? Do they even want your help?
I'm proud to be the Art Director for Friendsim 2, as well as a writer and voice actor! Stay tuned for more info on that ;)
Find out more on the website.
Projected release date: 2022.

Midnight City - Come on down to Midnight City / Where the nights are long and the dames are shelly! You are a Postal Carrier tasked with delivering a package to Spades Slick at the Lucky Damocles Casino. Failure is not an option. What will you do?
I'm a contributing writer to this point-and-click adventure set on Alternia far, far in the future. With a delightful cast of carapacians, unique puzzles, and an exciting story, this game directed by UberTheMeh is sure to tickle your fancy.
Find out more on the project's Twitter!
Projected release date: 2021.

will it homestuck?

Will it Homestuck is a podcast about putting things in the Homestuck blender to see what comes out. In other words, we classpect things that aren't Homestuck.
I'm the main host and editor, the social media monkey, and the main Discord server admin. Anyone can make an episode, but I do everything else. Find our episodes on Anchor.fm.

In addition to the podcast itself, the WIH streaming channels host our fanfiction, fangame, and original game streams. We go live on Twitch and archive our VODs on our YouTube channel.

Find out more about WIH at our website!

voice acting

I can do some fun things with my voice! In addition to my live voice acting on the Will it Homestuck streams, here's where else you can hear me speak.
Check out my commissions page if you want me to say anything specific for you!

Find my demos and past commissions on Soundcloud and YouTube.
I'm also on Casting Call Club.

Pesterquest Fandub - This is a fantastic project currently rolling out quality dubs, complete with music and new sound effects, of the What Pumpkin/Fellow Traveler visual novel. So far, I have appeared as the narrator in Jade's route. Stay tuned to see where else I come in!! ;)
Find updates on the project's Twitter.

articulatelyComposed's Hiveswap: Act 2 Live Dub - I am appearing on Anna's weekly live dub of Hiveswap: Act 2! Right now, we're streaming on Saturdays at times determined the day of on Anna's YouTube channel. Find Part 1 here, with the remaining edited versions forthcoming.

The Baby Is June - I am incredibly pleased and proud to appear as Karkat on Jojo Funk McLovin's operatic epic reimagining of Toby Fox's "The Baby Is You." Please enjoy this masterpiece.

Pumpkin Party Zine - I appeared on the Pumpkin Party Zine as a voice actor! Jonaya Riley wrote and edited "A Splinter of Time Abandoned," and voiced both Maryams, with me as Dave. Download the zine here, and find the YouTube version of just this piece here.

[S] Press Play - I wrote and provided my voice for the piece "How to Diagnose a Vriska," which was all about how we figure out who's the Vriska on my podcast! I was joined by Jonaya Riley, who co-wrote and co-voiced this piece. Download the zine here, and find the YouTube version of just this piece here.

commissions and terms of service

I take writing, voice acting, art, and graphic design commissions at reasonable rates. Click the buttons below for more info on each.
I accept funds through Ko-Fi. Contact me for commissions through Twitter or Discord (@thinglikerbucky#0861)

All art, writing, voice acting, graphic design, and other content produced are priced for non-commercial use and may not be used in commercial endeavors.
I reserve the right to post commissions I create to my own social media as examples. However, if you would like me to delay posting on my own social media for spoiler/gift reasons, please let me know ahead of time.
I will begin working after I receive full or partial payment through ko-fi.
I reserve the right to decline any commission.
Commissions are fully refundable until I begin work, at which point I will issue a partial refund proportional to the amount of work already completed.
Please do not send a payment for a commission without communicating with me (unless the payment is explicitly a donation).

I can draw: humans and humanoids (including fankids/fantrolls); portaits; icons; OCs; fandoms (with references); ttrpg characters (like D&D); nonsexual nudity.
I can write: character studies; short stories; drabbles; outlines; fills for memes (ex: "5 times x did y and one time they did z"); audio drama scripts.
I can voice act: single characters; conversations (with myself or a script for other VAs); comic dubs; podfics; game dubs.
I can design: cover art, graphics, character sheets, Twitch overlays.

I WILL NOT MAKE: Explicit art or voice acting (writing is okay); Sexual or sensual content involving minors; Extreme content (pedophilia, incest, beastiality, nonconsensual or dubiously consensual relations); antisemitic, racist, transphobic, or otherwise bigoted content.

Please let me know if you're working on a non-commerical Homestuck fan project - depending on my availability, I would almost certainly love to help!

writing commissions

please contact me through Twitter or Discord to commission me.

Non-commercial writing
$2/100 words - Rough edit, basic formatting
$4/100 words - Polished edit, basic formatting, Pesterlog format conversion

Note that these rates assume minimal worldbuilding (drabbles; short pieces; OCs with reference information; fanfiction in a fandom I'm familiar with; etc.), or allowing me to do simple worldbuilding (e.g., "write me a short saturday morning cartoon parody," or "write x character reacting to y"). Additional worldbuilding will be an additional charge. Contact me for more info.

I will write NSFW fic, with the following caveats: Clients requesting NSFW must be 18+, and I have to be comfortable with the content you request. I reserve the right to reject a NSFW commission due to my comfort level with the subject matter.

Examples of previous writing are in my completed works list. DM me on Twitter or Discord for commercial writing rates.

voice acting commissions

please contact me through Twitter or Discord to commission me.

Includes basic audio editing. Minimum price is a 2-5 minute recording.
Character Voicing - $1-2 per line, $24 minimum
Narration - $24 per finished minute; $48 minimum

Find my demos and past commissions on Soundcloud and YouTube.

art commissions

please contact me through Twitter or Discord to commission me.
find more examples on my art page.

my style (examples below). please provide references.
thin pencil lines - noses - more complex anatomy - shading optional
icon - $15 | half body - $24 | full body - $33

"hiveswap time" style (examples below). please provide references.
thin pencil lines - noodle arms - no noses - no shading - limited color palette
icon - $12 | half body - $21 | full body - $30

tiny god tier emotes (examples below). please provide god tier, hair color/design, and any desired details.
1 emote - $6 | 3 emotes - $15 | 6 emotes - $27

graphic design commissions

please contact me through Twitter or Discord to commission me.

Non-commercial graphic design. All examples are listed below prices.
Simple Graphics or Character Sheet - $15 | solid background - 2 fonts - commissioner provides character art

More Complex Graphics - $24 | image or pattern backgrounds - graphics and icons - 3+ fonts - photo editing and effects - commissioner provides assets as needed

(add a character sheet onto an art commission - +$12)

Commissions Queue

Here's the progress of my current commissions!

Belmont SystemHalf Body + 1 Character - My StyleYesIn Progress - Sketching